IMP Consultants is an operations management consultancy firm founded in 1994. Our mission is to help organisations become more competitive through solutions that directly impact the improvement of productivity, thereby making organisations more efficient and profitable and ensuring customer satisfaction.

We make companies function better by optimising operations, eliminating anything that does not add value, reducing costs and increasing flexibility to ensure profitability in the short and long term.

“We work with you to make the complex simple, helping you reach your peak performance”.






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shutterstock_319240229Our mission is to promote growth and profitability via the provision of operations management consulting that facilitates an increase in productivity and competitiveness.


Our values




The client comes first

Our customers are the core of our business. Our commitment is to offer a tailored, high-level, operations management consulting service, closely cooperating with clients to address past, present and future challenges, while putting client interests first and, guaranteeing results.



IMP Consultants’ people are our greatest asset. We guarantee the quality of our personnel and professionalism and guarantee the continuous training of our team. We ensure that our staff are motivated and enjoy work satisfaction. To this end, we support measures that ensure a balanced work, personal and family life for all staff.

We promote equal treatment and opportunities for women and men, without any direct or indirect gender discrimination, as well as moving on and fomenting measures to achieve real equality within our organisation. This policy is implemented from recruitment to promotion, through to wage policy and training and, work and employment conditions.



Respect for the environment and constant improvement of our environmental performance.



Emilio Álvaro Gómez García.

Associate Director





Octavio Garrido Fernández

Associate Director





Marcos Rodríguez Revidiego

Managing Director IMP Mexico


Antonio Mayor Ridríguez

Associate Director





José Ignacio Clemente González

Consultancy Manager




Juan Luque Jiménez

Consultancy Manager





Pablo Soriano López

Consultancy Manager




Rocío Escribano García

Consultancy Manager



1From the outset, IMP Consultants has been guided by a model of socially responsible business. We understand our commitment to our customers, employees, society and, the environment as a whole. “Our speciality is consulting”. Our objective is to enhance sustainable client growth and productivity by means of providing a responsible consulting service for improving operations.


Commitment to our employees

We were the first Andalusian company to be certified for FRC quality and equal opportunity management model. We are also consultants accredited by the Fundación Familia (Family Foundation) for the implementation of this system in other companies.

Due to this initiative, our employees benefit from measures to promote a balance between employment, flexibility, family support, professional development and equal opportunities; all of which impact on improving productivity and staff satisfaction.


Our commitment as a signatory to the Global Compact

Requires IMP consultants to support and respect its principles based on human, labour, environmental and anti-corruption rights and, sustain them throughout our operations.


Commitment to quality and the environment

We maintain a clear commitment to quality, environment and excellence in our services, thereby promoting the optimisation and responsible use of the resources available to our organisation.

We hold the ISO 9001, ISO 9004 e ISO 14001 certificates for quality and environment.


Commitment to society

According to our size and potential, we have conducted various social support activities via various institutions such as the Prodean Foundation or sports sponsorships.


Corporate presentation

Annual review

Sector público e instituciones

Agencia de Innovación y Desarrollo de Andalucía (IDEA) Aguas de Jerez Autoridad Portuaria de la Bahía de Algeciras Autoridad Portuaria de Sevilla Ayuntamientos (Aljaraque, San Roque, Carmona, Palo de la Frontera, Aroche, Punta Umbría, Gibraleón, Huelva, Lepe, Zafra, Algeciras, Málaga, Jerez, Alcalá de Guadaira) Cámaras de Comercio (Sevilla, Cádiz, Córdoba) CEMUE, Centro Empresarial México Unión Europea (Europeaid) Centros Tecnológicos (Adesva, Movex, Teica, CITTA, CTAP, Andaltec..)

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Aecovi-Jerez Aperitivos Matarile Bodega Francisco Salado Bodegas Barbadillo Bodegas Hidalgo-La Gitana Canla. Cooperativa Agraria los Alcores Coprodur Domecq Bodegas

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Empresa Constructora Ejuca Faescom 92 Germán Gil Senda Geseduma Movicontex Procasa, Promoción y Gestión de Viviendas de Cádiz Rochdale Semoan

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Balneario El Raposo Bodegas Campos Costa Ballena Club de Golf El Rompido Golf Club Excmo. Cabildo de la Catedral Fuerte Hoteles Grupo Peñarroya. Holidays World Hotel Apartamentos Murillo

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Acerinox Cementos Barrero Consentino Consur Coreco Industrial Coria Gráfica Crown Cork EADS Casa

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Abengoa Auditores Y Consultores Del Sur Ayesa Azcatec Tecnología e Ingeniería Befesa Gestión Residuos Industriales Bolonia Abogados Gordillo Procuradores Hispacolem

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Asociación Alternativa Abierta Clínica Doctor Lobatón Diagnóstico por Imagen Martí Torres Farmacia Antonio León Geriátricos La Viña Instituto Hispalense de Pediatría Proyecto Hombre Sanidad y Residencias 21